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Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 7: Core i7's of Yesteryear


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

Poll closed Oct 20, 2017.
  1. Joshua ‘The Gamemaker’ from the United States

  2. Walter ‘Lunareye’ from the United States

  3. Pascal ‘Smilodon’ from Canada

  4. Joel ‘Ol' Unfaithful’ from Australia

  5. HAL ‘Dignified Potato Masher’ from Australia

By Julio Franco · 651 replies
Oct 17, 2017
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  1. Love Hal's customer case, want to see how it evolves
  2. JinTheHero

    JinTheHero TS Rookie

    Good luck everyone :)
  3. Reece Kersten

    Reece Kersten TS Rookie

    I have to go with potato masher, and as a student myself I always side with students
  4. techquarters

    techquarters TS Rookie

    Go Hal love your custom case
  5. Junkers

    Junkers TS Rookie

    All Hal needs for that case is some RGB and it will be perfect! Good luck to all with getting the upgrades!
  6. Andrei Tzaqa

    Andrei Tzaqa TS Rookie

    HAL won my vote with his DIY case, I thought about making my own case too. Anyway, good luck to everyone !
  7. Modzy

    Modzy TS Rookie

    Gotta admire the wooded case mod. I did a similar thing back in the day to when I dropped and broke my case at a lan party.
  8. mikejlg01

    mikejlg01 TS Rookie

    Another really hard episode. Good luck lads.
  9. Nalin5190

    Nalin5190 TS Rookie

    Good luck Pascal, encouraging the next generation of PC enthusiasts
    Linoleum77 likes this.
  10. Harman singh

    Harman singh TS Rookie

    Aussie's are going to have a competition over the upgrades hope the deserving one wins.
  11. BoringHeals

    BoringHeals TS Rookie

    Get that Dignified Potato Masher a Glorious upgrade to his title! I want to see that case he wants to make, once it's done
  12. Kahl Dragonborn

    Kahl Dragonborn TS Rookie

    Sorry guys but Hal killed it with creativity. Goodluck to all of you!
  13. ramadandn

    ramadandn TS Rookie

    Good luck to all participants! that potato masher case so cool!
  14. fore1gn

    fore1gn TS Rookie

    A chance to get upgraded to a Ryzen 7 1700! Gotta give Smilodon a chance ;)
    Linoleum77 likes this.
  15. Casey1234

    Casey1234 TS Rookie

    Good luck to all the contestants, Hal you got my vote this week really creative case
  16. RaptorJesus

    RaptorJesus TS Rookie

    Sorry but I have to vote for my home country. Go Pascal
    Linoleum77 likes this.
  17. karan valvi

    karan valvi TS Rookie

    Good luck everyone READY TO YOUR
    Upgrade My FRIENDS
  18. Neroo3188

    Neroo3188 TS Rookie

    Hal definitely deserves the upgrade, that case is awsome
  19. Hakeem Samuddin

    Hakeem Samuddin TS Rookie

    Good luck hal, I hope you'll win
  20. Herman Mcpootis

    Herman Mcpootis TS Rookie

    Voted for HAL
  21. Nathan Saltarin

    Nathan Saltarin TS Rookie

    Good luck to all contestants!
  22. manolet

    manolet TS Rookie

    Good luck
  23. JellyScrub

    JellyScrub TS Rookie

    That DIY case is awesome! It makes me want to do the same XD
  24. Fellers

    Fellers TS Rookie

    Loved this choice this episode but gotta vote for Smilodon so he and his family can get that sweet 1700. First 1700 in the series right? Pretty dope
    Linoleum77 likes this.
  25. jackthemonkey

    jackthemonkey TS Rookie

    With that case, Hal deserves it!

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