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Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 7: Core i7's of Yesteryear


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

Poll closed Oct 20, 2017.
  1. Joshua ‘The Gamemaker’ from the United States

  2. Walter ‘Lunareye’ from the United States

  3. Pascal ‘Smilodon’ from Canada

  4. Joel ‘Ol' Unfaithful’ from Australia

  5. HAL ‘Dignified Potato Masher’ from Australia

By Julio Franco · 651 replies
Oct 17, 2017
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  1. Welcome to Episode 7 of Upgrade My PC Please!

    Before we get rolling, please do note UMPP! is not about finding the oldest and saddest PCs we can and just rebuilding them. Rather the idea is to check out all kinds of different PCs. We are targeting enthusiasts that have been unable to upgrade for any reason, in the process offer upgrade advise to a wider audience, and the chance for some of you to get a cool upgrade free of charge. The reason for the disclaimer is that we see a lot of "all these PCs are better than mine" comments.

    As before, we're grouping similar PCs to compete against each other for a well deserved upgrade, and it's the turn of Core i7 oldies. But before we get there...

    Last week we had five Core 2 Quad-based systems and you voted Andrew’s PC the most worthy of receiving the proposed upgrades which include a Ryzen 5 1600 processor, Asus Prime B350-Plus motherboard and 8GB of DDR4 memory. All four runners-up will be receiving a Rainbow Six Siege game code courtesy of Ubisoft. Big thanks to them for their continued support.

    Even if you haven't submitted your system, don’t forget to watch and participate each week by voting and commenting as that will place you in the running to win additional prizes (and that's a global giveaway).

    This week's old Core i7 PCs in the running are…

    • Joshua ‘The Gamemaker’ from the United States
    • Walter ‘Lunareye’ from the United States
    • Pascal ‘Smilodon’ from Canada
    • Joel ‘Ol' Unfaithful’ from Australia
    • HAL ‘Dignified Potato Masher’ from Australia

    That's five Intel power plants all in need of upgrading, it’s now your job to tell us which is the most deserving of receiving our proposed upgrade package. To cast your vote please go to our forum poll.

    And now, the readers' prize from last week's episode goes to andROYd25! Congratulations, you have an awesome AOC 24” G2460VQ6 FreeSync gaming monitor arriving to your doorstep soon. Big thanks to AOC for providing the amazing prize.

    Remember to vote and comment every week as we have more awesome prizes for our readers to take home. By signing up for the forums, commenting and voting you go in the running to win cool prizes. Voting is open until Friday.

    Upgrade my PC Please! Season 1 will continue with weekly episodes every Tuesday. Get voting TS'ers!

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  2. Steve

    Steve TechSpot Editor Posts: 2,983   +2,399

    Good luck everyone, may the best Core i7 system win :D
  3. TruxRob

    TruxRob TS Rookie

    Good luck Hal
  4. Sebastin

    Sebastin TS Rookie

    Good luck to everyone, Hal get creative with some new parts.
  5. aeivd

    aeivd TS Rookie

    Good luck Pascal, I really like my AMD r7 1700 and if you win you will enjoy it a lot
    airstrike and Linoleum77 like this.
  6. Matt Baumaister

    Matt Baumaister TS Rookie

    I hope The Gamemaker wins. He at least desperately needs that new case!! Good luck to all.
    Georgi and Harry Scrimshaw like this.
  7. Ben4iksXd

    Ben4iksXd TS Rookie

    Some old Xeon systems next time. :D
    Hitech53 and Georgi like this.
  8. DELTAprime

    DELTAprime TS Rookie

    Voting for my fellow Aussie this time. Good luck HAL.
  9. PanMan

    PanMan TS Rookie

  10. KunrinTech

    KunrinTech TS Rookie

    Good luck witb the upgrades
  11. Pcguy1991

    Pcguy1991 TS Rookie

    Gotta support the potato masher just for that amazing diy case
    DiJonKariz likes this.
  12. Mike Koh

    Mike Koh TS Rookie

    Gambateh !
  13. Ashwani

    Ashwani TS Rookie

    All the best best guys
  14. E Chief

    E Chief TS Rookie

    All nice stories about these rigs, and good upgrade options, though had to go with Pascal and Smilodon in the end
    Linoleum77 likes this.
  15. Syphonix

    Syphonix TS Rookie

    Good Luck guys
  16. carlosmgr

    carlosmgr TS Rookie

    I voted for ‘Dignified Potato Masher’.
    DiJonKariz likes this.
  17. Ilia Parvanov

    Ilia Parvanov TS Rookie

    I hope poor Joel gets that much-needed upgrade.
    DiJonKariz likes this.
  18. Reckqr227

    Reckqr227 TS Member

    Woop Woop! Here comes the upgrade train for HAL's pc.
  19. S1atan

    S1atan TS Rookie

    HAL! HAL! HAL! He's the one!
  20. Mizocker

    Mizocker TS Rookie

    I supported Hal because of his crazy looking DIY case. Good luck to all participants!
  21. Hector N Ortiz

    Hector N Ortiz TS Rookie

    Let's go Pascal!
    Linoleum77 likes this.
  22. walentaz

    walentaz TS Rookie

    Damn all are so similar with similar upgrades, but voted for Joshua - that wtf PC case has to be replaced ;)
    DiJonKariz likes this.
  23. Felluz

    Felluz TS Enthusiast

    Good luck everyone!!
  24. Alec Alder

    Alec Alder TS Rookie

    Hal gets my vote as a fellow cad user and aspiring case builder! GL to all!
    DiJonKariz likes this.
  25. Daymean

    Daymean TS Rookie

    The creativity is too much for me to ignore so I give it to Hal
    Audi RS4 likes this.

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