Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 8: Just Random PCs!

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I posted my submission about a week ago but I'm unable to go back to review it to add photos . I'm getting a "TechSpot Forums - Error
You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action."
When I try to reply to my submission, nothing happens after I click the reply button.
This sucks because I really need an upgrade lol


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Looks like Scott will be the winner this time. That will make me even more happy, because He got my vote :), but I am happy for all the people receiving upgrades. It is nice to have such competition.
Thank you all who voted for our Coffee Pot. We are of course sad to not be walking away with the upgrade, but are thrilled we got so very close :) My g/f and I will continue saving up and hopefully Coffee Pot will be brewing at robust Cafe Bustelo levels of gaming in no time.
I saw on Steve's twitter that the next episode is delayed due to illness. Get well soon m8!
Goodluck to all I'm gonna do my best to try for this but no gaurentee, but I do have to spend time and help who's important to me, my ma, she has cancer, and I wish luck to all those who have family with cancer.


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Somehow missed out..I guess I was sick longer than I thought.. :( ow well.. congrats scott hope you enjoy your new build :D


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Well, if you look here, you spoil the results. Congrats to the white night. Can't wait for Episode 9. Wonder if it's already made but just delayed for dramatic effect.