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Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 9: Phenoms, Pentiums & more!


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

Poll closed Nov 10, 2017.
  1. Andrew ‘Berry’ from the United States

  2. James ‘Chug Along Tank’ from the UK

  3. John ‘Lazy Moose’ from Australia

  4. Francesca ‘Tiny Purple Pixel Eater’ from Australia

  5. Joshua ‘Prowl’ from the United States

By Julio Franco · 617 replies
Nov 8, 2017
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  1. wolfesteinabhi

    wolfesteinabhi TS Rookie

    Prowl away!!! ..good luck!
  2. Chesterr

    Chesterr TS Rookie

    I feel like Prowl needs the upgrade the most. As a C2D and DDR2 user myself I fell his pain
  3. kelvin1896

    kelvin1896 TS Rookie

    Good luck everyone!
  4. pakawem

    pakawem TS Rookie

    If my pc was selected for the 5 of the week, would I be able to vote on it as well?
  5. PixyRi

    PixyRi TS Rookie

    Voted for Francesca :)
    As someone who also switched to a pc from a console I know how hard it can be. Good luck to all contestants!
    Frannykins likes this.
  6. El00674

    El00674 TS Rookie

    I think that building a pc with seccond hand parts its good due to better hardware with less price.
  7. DynamoNED

    DynamoNED TS Member Posts: 19   +7

    I hear ya. I have a Dell Inspiron XPS 410 I got for cheap recently with a Core 2 Duo E6300 that I upgraded to a Q6600 with the BSEL mod for use as a cheap Linux machine. It actually does okay with a GT 650 in Valve titles (HL2, TF2, CS:GO) and Borderlands 2 on Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 and the proprietary Nvidia drivers. I tested it in Windows 10 with some World of Warships, and I was seeing occasional CPU bottlenecks. YMMV.
  8. francis k

    francis k TS Rookie

    Got to love that tiny purple pixel eater case!
    Frannykins likes this.
  9. thecadian

    thecadian TS Rookie

    Good luck everyone!!
  10. Woxys

    Woxys TS Rookie

    Some pretty cool pc's this episode, gj all!
  11. Zelement

    Zelement TS Rookie

    I like the way that Joshua salvages old parts and gets some use out of them.
  12. ThumpSpartan

    ThumpSpartan TS Rookie

    Let's give 'That Guy' some new parts for a change. My vote goes to Joshua :D
  13. xYorYx

    xYorYx TS Rookie

    "Tiny Purple Pixel Eater" won my vote with its look. I love how simple, yet awesome this small thing looks.
    Frannykins likes this.
  14. PaulOfBrno

    PaulOfBrno TS Rookie

    Good luck everyone! Tough vote once again.
  15. Simon92

    Simon92 TS Rookie

    Josh got my vote, GL!
  16. lamomet

    lamomet TS Rookie

    Prowl all the way! Joshua is clearly a PC enthusiast because of the clean inside of the case (y)
  17. glic83

    glic83 TS Rookie

    Great season so far, looking forward to the season finale
  18. nexx1

    nexx1 TS Rookie

    Purple pixle eater, nice one ;)
    Frannykins likes this.
  19. PoppaSteve

    PoppaSteve TS Rookie

    Joshua gets my vote--although my wife's pc is still rocking a Q6600. It's still serviceable, but she doesn't play any games on it. And Steve is right; those are some great photos.
  20. suspense

    suspense TS Rookie

    Jamie's PC. Come on man. Give it a good dusting. I would've voted for you but that dust will kill anyone.
  21. Joshua Jones

    Joshua Jones TS Rookie

    Good luck everyone (y)
  22. Crazzgamer2222

    Crazzgamer2222 TS Rookie

    Good luck everyone
  23. Steffen Jensen

    Steffen Jensen TS Rookie

    Good luck too all PC's
  24. Rytlock

    Rytlock TS Rookie

    Good luck to all.
  25. CloudCorvinus

    CloudCorvinus TS Rookie

    Voting for Joshua needs it the most

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