Upgrade to GTX 560Ti from the GTS450?

By Kamakazzi
Mar 29, 2011
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  1. Hello, I bought an MSI GTX 560ti today from newegg hoping i was making a good decision in my purchase. I currently have the Palit GTS450. It performs pretty good. I've been happy with it but I saw this card and have been wanting to buy a better one for a while. It seems alot better. Did i make a good decision? And if so, how much better is the 560 than the 450? Thanks
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  3. Kamakazzi

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    ok, also, i noticed on the 560 card, it has two 6pin places to plug in the power.. do i have to use both? or just one? Im guessing i'll have to plug in both.. if so, right now, i have a 6pin plugged into my gts450 and there is another 6pin connected to that same cord and it says sli on both. I know what sli means but could i just plug both into my new gpu? or do i have to have another one coming from somewhere to plug into it?
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    plug them both in

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