Upgrading my rig......

By Iamlucky45
Aug 10, 2006
  1. Hello all,

    Need help again. I just bought a MSI 661fm2-lsr 661fx 478 mobo and the P4 3.0 ghz h/t, and a zalman cnps7700-cu fan. Already have the ATI X1300 card. I am putting it in my dell dimension 4600i case. I have installed the mobo, cpu, zalman fan, 1 gb G Skill DDR-400, and video card. When I turn on the computer all fans spin on everything but nothing posts, no bios screen, not even a beep. I must say that my psu is only 250w but I thought I could at least get everything in the bios setup before I went out and got a new PSU. I need some help am a little lost.
    Thanks in advance!

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