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Upgrading PC (I need Help and Suggestions Please)

By Gene Rojo
Oct 29, 2015
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  1. Hi! I'm new here. Just wanna let you guys know that I want to Upgrade my PC into the newest Generation Of Intel(Skylake) I need help and suggestions on this.

    I'm looking to get the Intel Core i7-6700k 4ghz-4.2 along with the ASUS ROG Motherboard Maximus VIII Hero and a few DDR4.

    Currently my build is :

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 (Service Pack 1)
    ECS Elite Group Deluxe H87 H3-M 1150
    i5 - 4570 CPU @ 3.20 GHZ
    HyperX Fury 8gb 1600mhz
    PSU 600WATS Cougar
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 Twin Frozr 256mb 2GB GDDR5
    Samsung 850 Pro SSD 256GB
    PC Case: Ostrog Enermax

    I need thought about this since I know I'll be spending a lot of cash to upgrade my PC. Just wanna ask if it's going to be a worthy upgrade from my Current Build to Skylake? Also, I'm thinking about overclocking, wanna try it out atleast. Does my PSU need change? or is 600WATS is enough for the Skylake Build? As you see I'm just changing my CPU and Motherboard. I don't feel like changing my GPU as of the moment.

    Yes, I'm thinking about Watercooling my PC. Any great Watercoolers out there?

    Any thoughts or comments on my plan to upgrade my PC? Thoughts/Opinions/Suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Rogue

    Rogue TS Rookie

    Do you play many games? If so a better graphics card would give a much bigger performance increase than a new cpu/motherboard/ram. With those parts, even overclocked you'll be looking at single digit fps increases. Spending that money on a gpu would yield 20,30,40 fps or more increase.
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  3. Tibeardius

    Tibeardius TS Booster Posts: 64   +42

    What Rogue said. Upgrading your CPU won't return much of a performance benefit. Ram and ssd are fine too. Buying a new GPU really would be the biggest performance increase but it all depends on how you use your computer.

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