Upgrading PCs, can't decide on CPU or graphics card

Hi, I am trying to upgrade two computers, one has a athlon ii x2 250, 4 gb memory and a msi hd 6670 graphics card, and the other pc is a athlon ii x4 650, 4gb memory and msi hd 6670 graphics card,
I am trying to decide what to get, I can either only get a cpu/motherboard/memory or a single graphic card im not able to get both.
I was considering the hd 7850 for graphics card
or I was thinking of getting the a10 5800k, and doing dual graphics.
I know either way im getting an improvement for both pc's but I cant decide which one would be a better improvement. I also heard that getting a good graphics card with a crappy cpu itll throttle the gpu,


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What is you current setup?
What is your budget?

Can you upgrade the CPU to at least x4 or possibly an AM3+ CPU without purchasing a new motherboard?

It is worth mentioning that if you are using an OEM Windows version, purchasing a new motherboard will invalidate your Windows license and require a new license. So changing motherboards for people who have an OEM install has additional cost, which many people don't know or think about when making decisions.
Have to upgrade motherboards, currently running am2+ socket motherboards
current budget is around 500 dollars, and need to upgrade both pc's

I could upgrade the one dual core to a quad core np, but if I get a cpu iw as planing on a new motherboard and the new ram, cause im upgrading to ddr3 8gb of memory.


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So tis still up in the air what would be a better upgrade an a10 5800/motherboard/the 8gb of ram, or just a gpu a 7850


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That would mostly depend on what you will be doing with your PC. If they're to be for gaming, then you'll be better off buying a couple of HD 7870s for the $500.

In case you're running multi-threaded, CPU intensive applications for audio/video/image editing or designing, etc., the CPU upgrade path would make sense.