Upgrading RAM on my Toshiba Equium Laptop

By LimaBean ยท 6 replies
Jul 26, 2005
  1. Hi, does anyone know any websites that I could upgrade my RAM. I need about 100 more MB's of RAM for my Toshiba Equium to run a game! So does anyone know where i get can it upgraded??
  2. vegasgmc

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    Do a Google search. I think your computer uses RD RAM which is hard to find now. You will also have to replace it in pairs. If it uses regular SD RAM you can get it just about anyplace. Toshibas website should also tell you.

    ROCHESTER UK TS Rookie Posts: 23


    I'd like to know this too,also what g card do you have in it,I have the radeon 7000 igp and when i tried to play americas army it was shakey as hell.cant find drivers for it anywhere.
  4. LimaBean

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    I have the same g card! i am tryin to play wow! it is jst very laggy because i dont have enough ram! but the g card is fine for that game!

    ROCHESTER UK TS Rookie Posts: 23

    G Card

    Tried to play AA too but screen was very jumpy,just thought it was the graphic card.played on my other laptop fine(until the laptop went bang).

    think I have about 127mb of available ram.
  6. gibb0

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    would have thought going on crucial's website would be way to go as they have a system scanner what tells you what ram you need and how much the system can hold, very fair prices as well i've found.
  7. Matthew

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    Gibb0, this thread is three years old.
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