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Jan 22, 2005
  1. I am totally confused about all the talk about AGP slots and PCI slots. I know how to replace a modem. What I need to know is what kind of video card can I buy to upgrade my HP 513 Pavillion desktop, 1.8 g ,with 512 ram , Intel Celeron running Windows XP. :confused:
  2. Liquidlen

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    You can start here ;
    Just adjust if it is the wrong model.
    HP might use proprietary parts.So you must determine what type of card you have and follow their upgrade options to see what types are compatible.
    AGP, PCI are descriptions as to how these cards connect to your Mb.
    Welcome to Techspot
    After you find out what your Mb is compatible with ,post back and we can recommend some good cards for you .
    Installation is not hard ,we can assist there too.
  3. WileE

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    Not to hijack his thread :D but this is something I could use a little help with also. I have a Dell "not so swell" Dimension 4600 with a P4 2.4g, FX 5200 video card. I would love to upgrade my video card but the Dell pc comes with a 250w power supply : (( I have found to change the power supply is not easy or cheap being a Dell "thanks for the info Techspot" and doing so would void my warranty. My FX5200 has 128 megs ram and no fan. Is there any hope of upgrading to a better video card with this power supply and if not would a cooling fan help it run any better ?
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    That computer does not have an AGP slot. So you are limited to PCI video cards.
    There are newer PCI Express video cards, they are not the same as PCI. ie. a PCI will work in PCI Express, but PCI express will not work in PCI.
  5. Liquidlen

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    Dell's are good machine's they just don't lend themselves to be upgraded unilaterally by the end user.
    You should do the same as I advised earlier.Go to the site and logon for your machine (Tag #) identifies your machine. Then you can see what they sell for it.
    Dell will allow certain upgrades ,but you must get approval from them if you don't buy from them.
    Understand that they may insist that you must put the machine back in it's original shipped configuration to receive Warranty repairs?
    A cooling fan will not increase the card's output, it will only help it to live longer , basically.
    Your PSU is right at the edge(300W is a good starting Minimum for most ) .
    There are many Cards that will not draw much more power than your 5200. I have a 9600 with no cooling fan that has more output than your 5200 , so I am sure you have some good options.

    Let us know what you find out as others may use the info, and we can help advise you on your best course of action.
    When you are ready build your next Box, yourself We can help.
  6. Micster0311

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    I have a Dell Dimension 4400 for a backup. I installed an Ati 9600xt and memory. Vast improvement, no problems. It also has a 250 w psu.
  7. Dafriz

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    Power Supply Video Card

    ummmmm... well if u upgrade ur video card be careful if u dont upgrade ur power supply cuz sometimes gaming gets messed up when u play high graphic games with a good video due to the fact that u are using the minimum requirement of psu for the card. If u are using the minimum requirement be careful...

    And for a 250 wat power supply.... ummm a 9600 is prolly the highest u can go .. if u have problems with ur visuals getting messed up while playing u might have the card running on high visuals which would require more current from the psu and then it would make ur screen look weird and stuff.. it wont necesarily hurt the card.. it will just be annoying to have to restart ur computer and being mad if u didnt get the chance to save ur game up to that point.
  8. Micster0311

    Micster0311 TS Rookie

    I concur. Not to get off the subject, but my main desktop has a 680w psu to run the x800xt plus mb.
  9. WileE

    WileE TS Rookie

    Well thanks everyone. I do use my rig for online gaming and I'm just going to have to get a larger supply. It runs good with the games I play now "desert combat, enemy territory fortress" even ran Doom 3 well but I have a feeling I'll be having troubles with battle field 2. I found a post here talking about a Dell power supply and a link to pcpowercooling. A 450w supply wired for a Dell is a little steep at $140 but I would spend more then that building a new one.
    Funny thing I sent emails to Nvidia, PNY, XFX and ATI asking about cards for a 250w supply and the only one to reply was ATI and you people were right on the money.

    Regarding card for 250W power supply:The Radeon 9600XT is the highest card that will work with a 250W power supply.


    Rick Carman
    Customer Care
    ATI Technologies, Inc.

    Oh and sorry florisconsin for hijacking your thread :angel:
  10. Paul

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    You dont need a 680 watt psu to run any card out there,,If they come out next week with a 1500 watt psu people will get sucked into that to,
    If you have a quality antec/enermax psu 350 -460 you will be fine.
  11. Micster0311

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    True, but when the mb calls for voltage specifics ie. atx 12v 2.0 and there are but a few psu out there that fulfill the requirements. (sorry to get off the thread again)
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