US urges European countries to tap Nokia, Ericsson, and Samsung for their 5G needs


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Are those the same US allies that Trump has been bashing, pulling out of major agreements with them and slapping tarries on their products because he has no clue what's he doing??

Heck, even the UK, his best friend in Europe, gave him the finger about the 5G marching orders!!

It seems that Europe trusts China more than the US these days, and rightly so!!


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As much as I hate to agree with this administration, the simple fact that Huawei has done nothing to prove their innocence other than a bunch of denials I would stick to the rule of "better safe than sorry". China has a long, long, long reputation of lies, deceptions, and general dishonesty across the spectrum of their contact with the outside world. I would expect the saga of Huawei to be no different .....
Prove their innocence? The US hasn't even produced the facts that they made their claims on lol.

Uncle Al

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Prove their innocence? The US hasn't even produced the facts that they made their claims on lol.
LOL ... obviously you lack the capability to read and comprehend ... it's all out there, you just need to put forth the effort to find it .... and no, I'm not going to do your homework for you ....


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What is strange about these type of diplomatic affairs, US is claiming that stuff made out there, are not suitable and proper / trusty. The US has the advantage of the language, that is spread across the globe, as is easy language to learn. I think last day I read about a new research and a new invention created somewhere at an university in the US, the inventor I did not even need to look at on google, as in fact, it had no American name. So how can the president (that probably is European descent) have such a stance against the world, when the world is actually in your back garden (I'm talking about the multicultural aspect) and some of your inventions are from foreign scientists emigrating to US. What stops scientists to travel around and make the same inventions (without ip infringement) in other country, if the language is not the barrier. Is the president buying from Nokia, and all those companies mentioned? Probably not... so.
This is my random rant.
Anyway, these days you cannot buy a pot that is made locally... Everything is imported.
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