USB 2.0 hub not working properly in XP SP2... please help.

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Sep 17, 2005
  1. i have a USB 2.0 hub that's made by inland. (Check out the link for the product: i just connected it to my computer yesterday but it does not seem to work in windows XP pro SP2. i was able to test the hub in windows 2000 since i have 2 operating systems, and it seemed to work. here's a few things that i find weird.. when my computer starts, my hub lights up green where the USB devices are connected. but as soon as windows XP pro screen (the black screen with green loading bar) shows up, the lights on the hub disappears and never come back on even after windows starts. however, in windows 2000, the green lights on the hub continue to stay on and the devices connected to the hub are recognized by windows. but when windows xp starts, it tells me to install a driver for the usb 2.0 hub but tells me there is no available driver for the hardware when i try to install the driver. i contacted inland for this issue, and they told me the drivers should come with all windows XP SP1+ or windows CD's.

    should i uninstall SP2 and go back to SP1 to fix this problem? while i was doing a research i found a link that seems to be similar to my problem:;en-us;892050

    i'd really appreciate if someone can help me with this.. otherwise, i will go ahead and uninstall SP2.

    thanks in advance.
  2. Common Sense

    Common Sense TS Rookie Topic Starter

    help? wow i thought i'd get some replies quick since this site has alotta members but i guess not..
  3. gbhall

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    read the instructions...

    Take care to read the installation instructions - I notice USB thingies are very odd indeed about whether or not the divice is plugged in before or after the installation of the driver software. It varies.....

    If you plug it in without a driver, XP gets there first, and a generic XP driver might be used....sometimes this is better than that supplied with the device, and sometimes not. In your case, 'not' seems to apply. To install the manufacturers driver, you are going to have to properly uninstall the device in control panel - system - devices first.
  4. Common Sense

    Common Sense TS Rookie Topic Starter

    when i contacted inland, they told me that the USB hub is a plug and play device which doesn't require a driver from the manufacturer. what i wanna know is that is having SP2 preventing from this device to work? if so, how can i fix it?
  5. jobeard

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    The device you reference is a USB HUB; a means to connect other devices.
    The issue will be, what's on the OTHER side of the hub? As you could install
    one directly to the system, you must be trying to attach two or more devices.
    It would greatly help to diagnose if we knew what they ALL were.

    Until then, without the usb hub plugged in, boot up and verify your drive letter assignments.
    Most likely you have something like C:\$hd D:\$cdrom
    plus any other equipment.

    I'm on XP/sp2 home edition and my USB devices show up as E:\thumb F:\$hd2
    To get this, I first had to mount the thumb drive and assign it E:
    Later when the external USB HD arrived, it fought with me trying to take the
    E: slot, so I restarted with only the thumb drive mounted, and after the system
    settled down from the startup activity, I inserted the ext/HD and got it to the F:
    position. Now I can mount each indepently and their E:F: assignments are retained.
  6. Common Sense

    Common Sense TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the reply. i currently have the ipod cable, a remote control IR receiver connected to the hub. (only 2 out of 4 as of right now) i think there's no problem with driver being assigned as these cables don't need drivers (like e: or f: ) to be used. the problem is with the hub. windows says that there's no driver for this hub therefore the hub cannot be used in windows xp SP2. the funny thing is, the inland guys keep saying windows XP SP2 should already have the hub driver included but i could not find it anywhere. i guess they gave up on me since they stopped replying to my emails. (what a good customer service :rolleyes: )
  7. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,158   +986

    The hub is not a device per se like others and I think it is transparent (doesn't show up as a device).
    I can't verify that as I don't have one to test with.
    Drive letters would be assigned for USB Flash drive or ext/HD devices, and yet these too do not 'need drivers'.
    Try cabling the ipod to the usb hub to the system and THEN booting. Windows is better at autoconfig during startup.
  8. tdeg

    tdeg TS Rookie Posts: 119

    Sounds like an XP USB power thing.

    If you right click on USB hub (there will probably be a few of them) in device manager under XP, go to power management at the top and unselect allow windows to turn off power (or something like that).

    Is the USB hub have its own power supply or does it just run off the computer?
  9. GeorgeJin

    GeorgeJin TS Rookie

    I have found a solution for my PC

    I searched the Web for the solutions but in vain. Finally I found the problem with my PC. It is a fresh installation of Windows XP. Everything works fine. After install either XP SP1 or XP SP2, the USB devices stop working (the devices are not detected in the device manager). I have updated all the device drivers but no luck. A friend of mine suggested me upgrading the BIOS of the motherboard (ABIT IS7). I did the upgrade from release 1.0 to release 2.4. After the upgrade, I switched on my XP with SP2 installed, it found out all of my USB devices!
    I'm so happy to share my experience with everyone. Hope you can solve your issues!.

    George Jin
  10. Magic Fingers

    Magic Fingers TS Rookie

    USB problems with Xp SP2

    Like many others I have experienced the joys of Microsoft's my solution to get XP with SP2 to recognize the USB ports again and the devices plugged into those ports.

    Device Manager ...delete everything with usb in the name...reboot and allow windows to find and reinstall the usb hubs and controllers.

    Click on Enhanced USB Host controller , select the driver tab and then choose update driver ...have your PC connected to the net when you do this...when XP tells you it has updated the driver... simply reboot.

    I had tried many other ways including the microsoft advice to edit the registry (LOL) but the above method worked and I went from NO usb Devices to having my camera ,phone ,usb audio ,usb hub ,memory stick , printer reappear.

    Now I've fixed that I wonder what else won't work under SP2 !!!.
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