usb digital mp3 player default settings restoration

By osmany
Oct 31, 2007
  1. I was having problems with my 1GB Centon digital mp3 player (w/usb connector and w/FM tuner) which I ended up formating under win xp (right click on drive letter--format--quick format--FAT--OK). It now opens when I stick it into the usb port, but, of course, it is blank, all the default settings gone. My question is: How can I restore the default settings it came with, meaning the graphical user interface I used to see on the screen, all the options I had for handling folders, etc. By-the-way I donĀ“t have any installation CD for it, which makes things worst!. I also visited the web site and downloaded Mp3 Player utilities 1.43 software, but it does not recognize any disk even though it is present on the usb port. please, help out with this mess I put myself into! That's what the pc gurus are out there for, aren't they?
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