usb front panel problem

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Mar 12, 2006
  1. my casing has only 7 pins wired to it, while the connection to my mobo has a wired connection of 8 pins. my mobo is MSI K7N2 delta lsr. i read some post in threads that says remove any wired connnection to pin 7-10. that means leaving my usb front panel without a ground. can anyone say its plausible or anyone has other ideas.. i've been thinking it might be a board prob..
  2. KingCody

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    i don't know about the threads to which you are referring, but I think you are confusing your USB headers with your case jumpers.

    The case jumpers will have at least 9 pins and will consist of:
    1. power switch
    2. reset switch
    3. power LED
    4. HDD LED
    5. speaker

    your USB header(s) will have exactly 9 pins, you will only use 4 pins or 8 pins (depending on the number of USB ports are on the front panel of your case), the 9th pin is inactive and is there as a reference point only. You need to use all 4 pins of each USB port header
  3. raptur3d

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    err.. thnx for your reply. sorry, i wrote my question wrong. what i mean about my mobo having 8 pins is for the usb extension. in my mobo it has 9 pins but only 8 is being wired to my front panel. the reason for having 8 wired connections because pin 10 is USBOC. my case didnt supply me with 9 wires only 8 for the mobo. my question is, in my casing in the board of my front panel it has only 7 wires. vcc, usb1-, usb1+, gnd = vcc, usb2-, usb2+, gnd. in my casing i'm mising one connection to ground.. my concern is if i remove the other ground what will happen to my mobo.. do you get what im trying to explain? sorry, im poor in english..
  4. Nodsu

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    It probably uses the only groud wire for both USB ports. Just connect as many wires as you can. A missing ground wire will not break anything.
  5. raptur3d

    raptur3d TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hmm.. well, let see what happens.. (cross-fingers) thnx for your replies..
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