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so I bought parts for my pc on pcpartpicker. With pcpartpicker, I assumed all my parts were compatible due to the website saying so. However, once I assembled the parts together, I discovered my case (phanteks p350x) only comes with a power sw, audio hdd, Sata cable, and a usb 3 connector. The motherboard I had purchased (As rock B450 pro 4 micro ATX) needs all the front panel connectors in order to function (according to manual). I can turn on the cpu fan and rgb lights with the power supply switch however the case power button doesn't do anything when I press it. My theory is that my case and motherboard are incompatible but I'm not sure so I don't want to rush in buying a new motherboard/case. I've tried getting a monitor to display but nothing shows up. I'm not sure what the problem is. Anyone that has any ideas please let me know! Thanks!


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The case and motherboard are compatible - you only need to attach the power SW cable to the motherboard for it to work.


The connector needs to go across the two pins highlighted above - you don't need to worry which way round it goes, just make sure it's only on those 2 pins.
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