USB Mass Storage Device

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Worked on USB device on Monday at home and it would let me save to and move files from the USB.Tried device on Tuesday on various machines (XP and 2000) but gat message "USB device not recognised". I have also tried on my home PC where it last worked. can anyone help with this problem I am not that technicial , so simple instructions would be best.Thanks


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first, what is the name of your device and what is it? does it have a write protection switch on it?

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Unfortunately there are no markings on the USB 2.0 256 MB mass storage device to indicate makers name etc. I do not believe that it has a write protect. Sorry I cannot be more helpful. :confused:
I am getting an error message " Volume device cannot be stopped" try later. Does this message have anything to do with "VolTrack.vxd"?
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