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USB2.0 exrtenal hdd

By i8dbbq
May 8, 2004
  1. I have an issue with an ADS external drive enclosure. When I plug in the usb cable I get a window saying I unplugged the drive without unmounting anda window saying that Windows cannot write to a specified drive and all data will be lost. Not one window. It goes on and on until I unplug the drive, wheteher I truly unmount it or not.
    The enclosure is from ADS and has a Maxtor 80g drive. My PC is running Win2K Prof. with an AMD 2800+ and a gig of ram on an ABIT NF7 mobo.
    When I purchased this drive&kit I used it on a similar machine except it was an Asrock mobo.
    Any ideas?

  2. i8dbbq

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