Use of Dell XPS M1730 Recovery Partition to make bootable DVD for restoration

By saty1296
May 4, 2008
  1. Problem Solved

    Solution to the following problem is: Download Windows Automated Installation Kit 1.1 aka WAIK and Microsoft Deployment Tool 2008 aka MDT 2008 from the Then follow the steps in the MDT 2008 to build a bootable DVD media from custom image and that way you can use the factory default DVD to restore your system and this is the same configuration that originally came with your DELL laptop/Computer when it was shipped from the Dell Factory.

    The problem that I posted was:

    I have got DELL XPS M1730 laptop. It has got a recovery partition of 10GB and it is visible as E: drive in the windows explorer. It has got a folder \dell\image\factory.wim. I need to know how to burn .wim file because thats the Windows Vista recovery image. Will that image be bootable? That partition has for some other folders and files as well. Do I need all of them to restore my computer?

    I want to know this all so that I can keep a backup of that partition on a bootable DVD just in case if I lose that partition, I still have a good backup of Dell's standard recovery partition to get it back in the original factory state.

    Anyone, please help me on that.

    Cheers mate.
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