"User does not have access privileges" - NOT what you might think

By j_barrie
Nov 27, 2007
  1. Hi,

    I've got a problem so annoying I re-imaged my computer in July. All of a sudden the problem is back, and I'm about to scream.

    I've got Windows XL, Dell PC (about 2 years old). I've got approx. 30 GB of memory (10 is free) on the c:drive, and another 250 GB of memory I added last spring in partitions (drives:D,E,F,G).

    The problem only seems to affect the c:drive and only in my account (my husband's account seems to be okay).

    If I save something (any type file from any program) on my c:drive, I can open it no matter where it's located. If I choose to save that file (no matter what type) in a new location, I can still open it.

    BUT if I drag and drop that file (any type) into a new location, I can no longer open that file. I get the following message:"[Program name] cannot open document: user does not have access privileges [path information]" Once it has been moved, I also cannot delete it, copy and paste it, or move it from it's new location.

    It makes organizing files and tidying my desktop impossible.

    I'm the administrator, so I should have access to everything (in theory). If memory serves, I finally had to log in as Administrator in Safe mode and permanently delete all of the files to get them out of my life. I ended up making copies of everything I wanted to keep and saving it to one of the partitions so I could re-image without losing everything.

    This problem seems to have reappeared in the last week or two. The only possible thing I can imagine is that about two weeks ago, I assigned a password to my account, and I seem to remember my account being password protected at the time this nonsense happened last time. I had never had a password before, and I did not assign one when I re-imaged the computer, so I thought perhaps that had something to do with it.

    I pitched the password, created a test document in Word and saved it on my desktop. Then I drug and dropped the doc into another folder on the desktop. I got the same stupid message again.

    I went to microsoft using the link at the bottom of the error window, but "Currently there are no Office Assistance articles available for this error message."

    Please tell me somebody knows how to solve this problem before I lose my flippin' mind!!!!

    Many thanks to anyone who can assist me with this situation.
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,177   +989

    boot into safe mode, use an admin id

    find the folder in question, TAKE OWNERSHIP (as admin)

    then add read/write priv for your normal user id
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