Utah federal court imposes preliminary injunction on Aereo's operations

By Himanshu Arora ยท 4 replies
Feb 20, 2014
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  1. After a series of legal victories over the broadcasting industry, Aereo's free run has finally come to an end. According to an LATimes report, an Utah federal court on Wednesday has imposed a preliminary injunction on the company's operations, as...

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  2. Jim$ter

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    Its the same content people could receive with an outside antenna. Only thing they might be mad about is the DVR. Well sorry to say DVR's are the future. They are more than likely mad they aren't getting a cut of the profits. Its not their technology but they don't see it that way. Greedy Corps!!
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  3. tonylukac

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    Technically the cable companies don't pay for their content either. They intercept the broadcaster's commercials and show their own, net payment zero.
  4. The mistake this company made was offering the service itself. All they had to do was offer the tools to do so (such as a device that can transmit any video signal to your Ethernet/wifi network) and everything would have been fine. They would have made money on the hardware itself and not be liable for what the end user uses it for. Even if the intent is obvious.
  5. lipe123

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    They don't transmit anything the antennae is a loophole. Those antennae grids they set up don't actually communicate with anything they are making use of a similar service as netflix for example.

    Their argument is that users could possibly get the info from regular antenna transmission so might as well send it via the internet instead,

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