VB Virus Help Pleaz

By BoyChocolate
Feb 19, 2006
  1. Hey ok heres the problem my computer recently or prably still has the vb worm and proably adware and virus too. But the problem is i cannot c;ean it and when i attempted to do so i might of deleted some .dll 's that i needed and its not making my computer work properly. Like wen i try to run goldwave it say cannot run because a codec cannot b found. And since i cannot get to my hjt log to post even after reading rbs post i have no way to show u whats wrong. So maybe who ever is going to help me with this can give me a email adress so i can show u my hjt log. I was also wondering if i could just delete everything on my computer and get a fresh new start if that would get rid of the virus. But can u pleaz try to help me. thankyou
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