Versions of both Office 2003 and 2007 installed on one machine, 03 updates fail

By B00kWyrm
Jan 11, 2012
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  1. I was unsure whether to post this in the Windows forum or the general software forum, but since it involves MS Windows Updates, decided to do it here...

    Have been helping a friend with some computer issues.
    Looks like we are down to the tail end of them now.
    Would like to have it fully updated when I return the computer to them.
    But, every time I try to install these updates, they fail...

    Update for Office 2003 (KB2539581) Error Code: 0x80070670
    Security Update for Office 2003 (KB2288613) Error Code: 0x80070670
    Security Update for Office 2003 Web Components (KB947319) Error Code: 0x80070670

    As noted in the thread title, they have two versions of MS Office installed.
    This is an XP SP3 machine, with all security updates installed.
    It is a Dell, (if that makes a difference).
    System Model Dimension XPS Gen 2 with 2gb mem installed.

    Starting Word 2003, I see that it comes up as "Office Online", details...
    Microsoft Office Word 2003 (11.6502.6408) SP1
    Part of Microsoft Office 2003 Standard Edition.

    Starting Word 2007,
    MS Office Word 2007, (12.0.6612.1000) SP3 MSO (12.0.6607.1000)
    Part of Microsoft Office Small Business 2007

    Any help on resolving these updates? Thanks In Advance!
  2. Buckshot420

    Buckshot420 TS Enthusiast Posts: 301

    Why does he have both Word '03 and Word '07 installed?
  3. B00kWyrm

    B00kWyrm TechSpot Paladin Topic Starter Posts: 1,436   +37

    @BuckShot - Interesting question, which I intend to ask.
    I have already written a suggestion to uninstall 2003.

    On the Other Hand...
    His version of OFFICE 2003 may provide FUNCTION
    that his version of OFFICE 2007 does not.

    The issue may be that they are learning 2007 still
    and find 2003 to be the more comfortable for "productivity" reasons.

    Addition attempts to resolve include...

    Found a possible answer here

    On this system, the 949 value was missing.
    Edited, per instructions.
    Still, failed with the same error code.
    Not knowing if this is a valid registry "fix", and since the purpose of the edit was not met...
    I have gone back now to re-edit and remove the value from that registry entry.

    Now... having verified that they do not need 2003 except for backward compatibility,
    and having assured my friend that 2007 will read all files that 2003 could read,
    I have permission to uninstall 2003.
    You may imagine the problems...
    1. It is not possible to uninstall MSOffice from Safe Mode (I did try).
    2. When I try to uninstall MSOffice 2003 in Normal mode, (using Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs)
    -> Remove
    -> Are you sure you want to remove MS Office... -> Yes
    -> Windows installer appears "Preparing to remove" , then disappears, having done nothing...
    3. Repeated attempts have exactly the same results.
    4. Results are the same whether or not AV & Firewall have been enabled/disabled.

    BTW... the owner no longer has their disks for Office 2003, so uninstalling that way is not an option.

    Trying to find other options.
    MS offers an Office Removal Utility "script" (for each of several version) that runs in a command box,
    Running it now...

    In less than 10 minutes, the script was successful.

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