Very Expensive: First reactions on Nvidia's RTX 4090, RTX 4080, DLSS 3 and more


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Well, less consumption makes prices go down until everything stabilizes. Governments should employ more and adjust taxes so people have more money to buy also.

If most people just get depleted buying non-essential things with inflated prices, they are doing harm both ways:

A) if the product X costs 250€ in 2015, then the normal way would be that the successor Y in 2020 has a higher speed at lower price OR max. around 280€ (250 + some price adjustment due to higher payments, etc. It may even be that the price goes down if they can save costs producing it). It means, you should get a gtx1070 for about the same price as a gtx970, not much higher; what happens since the pandemic + mining + "inflation": companies get the signal that they still sell extremely well overpriced (= that will be the new price and standard

B) the "inflation", pandemic, bla bla bla... well be excuses to dismiss people and even so higher profits with less production. It will be just a win situation for those companies

C) if you buy overpriced things, wages will just increase 5% of that increase. Which means what you earn won't last long. People will get poorer. In my country was made a study with the conclusion that 50 years ago people could save 2/3 (66%) of what they earned, they had a good buying power; in the last 50 years prices increased brutally but not the wages; ATM people can save around 20-25% maximum and that on the middle class. The ones that earn less almost have to spend 100% what they earn.

Totally agree, I'm struggling to save around 20% these days. But people like me, we are not the targeted customers.


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Totally agree, I'm struggling to save around 20% these days. But people like me, we are not the targeted customers.
You're right, the targeted customers are the ones "my 3090ti and 12th Gen Intel DDR4 are garbage, I must have it at any cost (credit, kidney, sell my house...) along with a 13th gen Intel, DDR5 RAM because I need 4K 144fps at max settings or I cannot play, at 120fps it's too painful...noooo"


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Jensen and his one man crusade to kill the PC gaming market continues apace.

At some point we will have to reach an inflection point where there simply aren't enough people who are wiling or able to pay the prices Nvidia seem to think there are, for cards that were once in the $500-$700 segment, and now cost in excess of $1000.

Yes, I used to upgrade regularly, but now? Naaah.
I could, mind you, financially, I could do it without any problem, because I'm lucky not to be poor, while not being rich either, but I've reached this point where I'm not willing to get milked any more.
I'll stick to my 3070 Ti, and when prices have gone waaaay down, in a year or more, I'll get a secong hand card.
This is my strategy now, I *never* buy last gen at a scalping price, I wait for a generation or two.
The catch is that you are always late a generation or two, but financially, it's quite interesting, and you're not feeding the tech milking industry, which in my book is becoming the most important point.

I guess we should all learn to be satisfied with what we have right now, and not run behind the lastest tech gadgets that come out, to avoid being a slave to the industry. Well, that's just my opinion anyway...
Really, the 4080 naming scheme is a shame! How can a company such as Nvidia end up tricking non tech savvy customers like this?
For this reason I will go AMD this time.
Last Gpu's were 780, 780ti, 980x2, 1080 and 1080ti.
This will be the red team for the gen leap for me.
I think the majority of tech companies are in the pocket of the Democrats. The Republicans have definitely been guilty of this in the past. Really, putting your trust in any political party or politicians is bound to disappoint. They just don't know what they are doing. Thus the colossal national debt. It is witness to all their attempts to buy votes because, as I said, they simply don't know what they are doing. And both sides seek out bribes above all else it seems. 🤷‍♂️
Yes they are.
You are absolutely right!

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Remember ppl , boycott is the last and greater power that us, consumers still possess ... so use it, everybody count
I've been boycotting nVidia and Intel since 2008. I'm not an AMD fanboy, I'm an Intel and nVidia hater! :laughing: