VIA PT880 - running raid without windows drivers?

By krismeister
Oct 18, 2006
  1. I recently went through a large upgrade and am currently experiencing some random reboots. after reboot Windows gives me a message similar to: "Windows XP recovered from a severe error" and goes onto explain that it is a driver conflict.

    This is my machine, things in green are new:
    ABit VT7 - is the via PT880 chipset
    pentium 4 HT 512 cache
    3GB ram - 2x1GB sticks, 2x512MB - sticks are same speed 3200 but by different manufacturers.
    2 IDE hardrives
    2 SATA 150 hardrives - setup in raid 0
    before the green stuff I had no difficulties.
    NVIDA graphics card
    2 or 3 other pci cards

    After connecting my SATA drives on boot-up my machine dispalys a message saying "hit TAB to configure RAID" it's much earlier than the XP initialization.

    So using this very basic configurator I setup the raid 0. And on entering XP everything appeared to work fine. I could format/partition/mount my drives with no problem.

    Heres where things got strange. I decided the right thing to do was to upgrade my drivers so I downloaded the newest SATA RAID drivers for my chipset:

    This is when i started experiencing the random reboots. So I unistalled the VIA software. I can't be 100% sure my machine is currently stable only that I haven't had a random reboot in the 3 days since.

    Whats very bizar is I still get windows messages saying "new hardware found SATA RAID" and prompts me that no driver was found and to give path to correct driver, I don't want to install the driver so I cancel out.

    My question is why are my SATA RAID drives still working with no windows driver, and how does it work that I have a RAID configuration screen pre-XP booting?

    Also Can I/(do i want to) get rid of the new hardware message?
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    The RAID configuration program lives in the RAID controller ROM. Think of it as an extension to the system BIOS if you like.

    Instead of uninstalling the new RAID drives, you should have went back to the old ones using system restore..

    Try reinstalling your original RAID drivers (from the CD).
  3. krismeister

    krismeister TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hey i wanted to say that I did end up with a stable machine by downloading some older drivers.

    but i still don't get how windows was still using my raid drives with no problem even when it didn't have any drivers for it.
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