Video card connection

By Dennis_84
Feb 17, 2006
  1. I just bought new power supply and it only has 2 4 pin connector. so I have one connected into the hard drive and other into something else. so I don't have one seperate cable for my video card. so I connected the cable with the hard drive. so basically I only have one cable going into two things- one hard drive and other video card. so does that matter or should I have one seperate cable just for the video card? Thank for help guys.
  2. hewybo

    hewybo TS Maniac Posts: 435

    what PSU?

    If you mean that you have a "Y" cable powering both, that in itself should bo OK, but-- what kind of power supply do you have that only has two four-pin cables? It might not be horse enough to run everything, even with only ONE device per cable.

    What are your system specs? Knowing those makes it easier to help. :confused:
  3. Dennis_84

    Dennis_84 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 101

    I have Antec smartpowr 2.0 500W. It has other cables but only two 4-pin cable. I think it is called Y cable but I am not sure.

    Other system specs:
    AMD 64 3200+ 2.2 GHz
    1 GB ram (1 x 512)
    120 GB Hard Drive
    BFG 7800 GS OC AGP
    Dell 20.1" widescreen monitor
  4. hewybo

    hewybo TS Maniac Posts: 435

    contact Antec

    I read some reviews about this product, and all were positive, except many complained about the shortage of "molex" connectors. You might contact Antec to see about obtaining more cables, as this seems to be a common complaint. However, in answer to your original question, putting two devices on a single "Y" connector is fine. There will be no problems. That PSU has good amperage on two 12V rails, and 500W will run about everything. :grinthumb
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