Video Card Memory gone weird

By truflip
Jul 23, 2005
  1. hi everyone.. i installed a couple more fans today to improve airflow in my case.. one intake from the front n exhaust in the back n another one inside to make sure air is circulated..

    i also installed these things to cover the unused PCI and RAM slots so they dont get dusty.. n i had to remove my vid card for a minute to stick the cover on for the PCI below the AGP.. neway i turn the PC on n checked temps.. n i noticed my vid cards' memory chips are hotter than before.. usually my GPU n memory chip Temps are close.. like 1C degree apart.. 5 at the most when im playing games.. but even on idle i get this..


    one thing that worries me is it gets as hot as my CPU... n it has never done that b4.. hottest it got was like 41C wit BF2.. n that was with 1 exhaust fan >_<
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