Video card /power problem?

By Wolf
Dec 12, 2003
  1. Hey guys,

    I am building a PC for a friend who didn't want to spend much.

    Biostar M7NCD
    Athlon XP 1900+
    eVga GeForce FX 5200 Ultra

    Generic case with 3 fans.
    The case came with a 350w PSU (by Powermax). It is recommended for AMD
    I only have a DVD-Rom drive, floppy and Seagate 80mb HD installed.

    After installing the video drivers and rebooting, when I got into windows XP I got a message box saying my video card was not receiving enough power. The power lead was either unplugged or the PSU was too weak. I figures 350w was good so I checked with MBM and the voltages flucated and went over 5% variance on the 12v/-12 so I figure it's a cheap PSU. I replaced it with an Antec TruPower 430W and I get the same message. Now MBM shows good, steady power, but I still get the same messsage.

    I installed a game and it seems to run OK. It has ran all night and no lockups/freezes or anything. Just the message when I boot up. The only "weirdness" is a screen flicker when I right-click the nVidia tray icon.

    Anyone else ever get this message? Any suggestions?

  2. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    The FX 5200 Ultra needs to have a Molex power connector to power it properly. Does yours have one ?

    It's located at the upper-back end of the card, as shown on the picture below.


    Image taken from Anandtech.
  3. Wolf

    Wolf TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes it does, and yes, it's plugged in.
  4. Wolf

    Wolf TS Rookie Topic Starter

    In case anyone is following this, I did figure it out. It was the video card. Swapping them out fixed the problem.
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