Video card "quits" when playing a game (Rigs of rods)

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my screen goes blank when i start playing rigs of rods (not when its loading) and i cant figure out what the problem is, overheating, hardware malfunction. it dos'nt have a fan the video card is a nVidia gforce fx 5200 the computer works fine unless i'm trying to play games. I did install a chassis fan to prevent overheating
-Intel Celeron CPU 2.60GHz
- 265 MB of ram
Windows Xp Home edition S.P 3 version 2002
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How old is the card? make sure the card is seated might try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers. also if your PSU is old,weak, it can have that effect when the graphics card tries to use the 75w afforded by the interface slot.
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the card is about 3-4 years old and it's is seated properly i can't seem to find and newer drivers for it could it be that its overheating? i have no ideas please help


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Actually, you're not making much of an effort to help yourself nor are you helping others to help you.
When you're asking other people, who are under no obligation to do so, to help you, you might want to try remaining civilized and abstaining from facetious "I've got 8 grand to spend on a PC" and "your no help" posts.
EricPie offered brief, but very valid suggestions.
Same with Red1776.
You are trying to run the game on a CPU that is less than the minimum suggested, with only 1/2 the recommended RAM and a GPU which seems to fail to meet the requirements, as well.
System requirements found on this page:
Maybe the sub-system requirement hardware is the problem in its entirety or maybe it is just one component of the problem.
You said,"i can't seem to find and newer drivers for it could it be that its overheating?"
No one can possibly help you to find a newer driver for your GPU when you didn't tell us what driver is presently being used.
Could your GPU be overheating?
Sure, it might be, but fix the problem of not meeting the system requirements first before trying to figure-out what else might be wrong.
Few people here seem to be familiar with Rigs of Rods, as a search of TechSpot forums yielded exactly 1 post about the game--yours.
I looked up Rigs of Rods with my favorite search engine, out of curiosity.
I discovered that there is a forum dedicated exclusively to Rigs of Rods, and that you're certainly not the only one having a problem with the game.
The RoR forum is at:
You don't mention whether you are playing multiplayer or not, but here's the official RoR Troubleshooting Guide comments on that:
Description: The game randomly crashes or freezes for seemingly no reason.
Fix: Unfortunately, the network code is still in development. The developers have been working very hard to troubleshoot the networking issues and have made much progress, but there is still work to be done. Please bear with them as they try to fix all the problems. Note the server you chose and use a different server for the time being.

In short, you've been helped plenty, but no one can make you fix the problem.


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More Help, This Time with English.......

According to the RoR wiki, 512MB of RAM is recommended. That notwithstanding, 256MB of RAM is barely enough to boot the system.
Video card "quites" when playing a game (rigs of rods)
"Quites" actually isn't a word.
your no help!
In this context "your" should have actually been, "you're", the contraction of "you are" rather than the possessive pronoun "your".
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