Video card suddenly stopped working. broken or software issue?

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I'm using an NVidia 8500 GT video card.. or I was. Over the last few weeks, every once in a while my monitor would get no signal. Once I restarted the computer, the signal was restored and everything was fine.

I got a pretty bad virus this weekend, and shortly after I managed to finally fix my system, my video card no longer sends any signal at all. It doesn't matter which port on the card I plug my monitor into, I get no signal. Restarting no longer solves the issue.

The monitor works fine if I plug it into the VGA port on the back of my computer, so I know its not that.

When I opened the tower up, I noticed it was pretty dusty inside.

My question is this:
Was the timing just a coincidence? Is my card fried to to dust buildup/overheating, or did the removal of the infected files somehow remove something that allowed my card to be detected and run?


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Video cards are among the most common failure components in a computer over the past three years in our part of the Southwest.... Whether nVidia or ATI
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