Video Card Upgrade Advice


TS Rookie
So, I recently decided I was going to upgrade my video card. Mostly because I have noticed a huge difference between my friends Skyrim game quality than my own. I am thinking of getting this card...​

My system specs are pretty much the same as when I bought it.
Its a HP pavilion a6319fh PC. Everything is the same with the exception of my graphics card and power supply. My current graphics card is the ATI Radeon 4600 series.​

My big questions are:

  • Will this card work with my machine?
  • Will this card run Skyrim on Ultra settings in vanilla?
  • Will this card be able to support possible heavy scripting and modding?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for any help :D


TS Evangelist
Yeah, it should run Skyrim maxed out @ 1920x1080

Don't know what you mean by heavy scripting/modding. If in relation to Skyrim - yes it'll handle some mods.