Video Card Upgrade/GeForce 5700LE Woes

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Dec 20, 2004
  1. Hello Everyone, got another problem for y'all to help with. Anyways... righr now I have a crappy FX 5700LE 128mb(budget card) :( looking to upgrade...unforunatly, most new cards I have been looking at, (ATI 6600, 6800, Nvidia 6600, etc...) are PCI-Express, which my motherboard is lacking.
    I think that the transfer rate with a regular PCI slot would be too slow, if it would even work at all... Also, with my current card, when playing some games, like Halo or GTA: Vice City, the system crashes and restarts, the Windows error thingy says it's an unknown driver error... any help greatly appreciated. Oh,and my mobo is flashed with latest update from manufacturer.
  2. vegasgmc

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    The nVidia 6600GT is out in an AGP version.
    It sounds like you're having a driver problem. When is the last time you've done a clean install of Windows? Ive eliminated most of the problems like that by setting up a seperate partition just for gaming.
  3. thedyg52

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    Help 5700Le 256meg agp

    So I Put together this puter that I figured would be a good gamer SOYO KT600DRAGON PLUS with AMD2600+ 5700AGP 8X 256meg got 512 ram and Ican't get any games to work got the warchest Medal Of Honor suposed to set up for the card won't evenload screen chopsup what is worng any body got a clue????
  4. vegasgmc

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    Did you install the latest graphics and motherboard drivers?
  5. thedyg52

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    I .sure did This is not the first nvidia card I have had started long ago with voodoo then 128 gforce 3 had all kinds of trouble getting then set-up but they worked till I changed to newer sys.'s. Have built this sys. and for me pulled out the stops needs to keep me in the run-abilty for 3-4 yrs till I upgrade again. since yesterday I played with the apature rate set it to 128,and I changed the monitor fre from 84 hegtz to64 and have gotten some improvement and if it possible to have re-set to a 4x mode now at least one of the demo games that came with the card will play clean.But no medal of honer
  6. vegasgmc

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    Run a demo or test and feel how hot the card is. My 9800 would run so hot that it would lock up after a few minutes or gaming. I put on a larger cooler and RAM heatsinks and havent had any problems since.
  7. thedyg52

    thedyg52 TS Rookie

    Well low and behold I blow out the driver and updated again got a over-clocking tool from nvidia I really don't have the guts to over clock the card but the program also has one heck of alot of setting and controls the allied assualt game is all I have loaded now and it is working have'nt tried to play on line but thats not important right now but it will only work in 4 x mode?OH yea you need to install the game spy and update it or you will get the can,t find open gl sub sys . THANKS for the imput

    I have the 256 card and a 2600+ AMD processer lots of heat so I got 7 fans runing SOYO has sys monitor cpu runs cool 37degrees cel. CHA29 degrees cel
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