Video card?

By Rick1t
Aug 5, 2012
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  1. I have an old Emachine t6520, the old monster size monitor just power no anything. I picked up an used flat screen......When I re-boot all I get is a "splash" of reception at every screen change then it goes you think my video card is bad? could a monitor failure cause this? over the past year I have had a couple of times when I lost video........just rebooted and was ok.......figured it was the monitor.

  2. Code Butcher

    Code Butcher TS Enthusiast Posts: 60

    You might have a bad flat screen, assuming it's a LCD, the power board might be bad. I would verify the new monitor actually works in the first place. Is there another machine you can try the flat screen on?

    Signs of a bad video card are blown or bursting capacitors. Another sign is a slower than normal system speed, like snail pace.

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