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Sep 12, 2007
  1. hi i have an hp 8034n with athlon dual core 5000 with 3gb memory antec 500 watt power supply and an open pci express 16x slot the case is the media center type pc with the door flap for an external hard drive. i am looking for a video card i play a lot of flight sim games and like the detail of night scenery and water effects. i am caught between an evga 8600gt an ati 1650 or 1950 pro and a geforce 7900 .have heard that radeon has the edge on realism but i dont want a real power hungry card these cards wre suggested to me. need some help chosing the quality differences from people who maybe have good or bad reviews .each i'm sure have their little separate qualities.also something that is not a really big or long card as i am afraid it may hit the drive cage supports for the media bay . thanks for your help. am confused with all the choices.
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    I personally would stay away from the ATI cards, just me, the geforce 7900gt would be a good card and that card would do all u need it to do now. If u are trying to future proff get the 8600gt, but it will take a little more power and cost a little more.
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    thanks for the quick reply i just like flight sim games and also have mega scenery if you go to vegas at night boy what a sight really cool . i dont play like far cry fear etc . i've been trying to do comparisons but there are so many narrowed it down to the 8600 gt or 7900 .are the was a bfg 7900 with a whats called thermointelligence cooler supposed to work real well.and also on the 8600gts .dont need top of the line card but would like to enjoy my flight sim thanks.

    sorry about the addition but the spec on my antec basic power supply is 18a max load on rail 1 and 2 dont know if that helps narrow the card search.
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    lol who told you that radeon has an edge on realism? I'd say go for the 7900 as well.
  5. jimh33

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    card specs

    other than seeing if that card will fit my case are those power supply specs ok for that card and what is a good manufacturer evga xfx bfg should i look for 1 over the other?
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