Video compression and Pasting (help needed)

By Sab3r
Jun 12, 2005
  1. Hey guys,

    I need some help on which program I can paste video files together and a good
    codec that can compress a video of lets say 300mb to 3mb or something.
    I want to create a little BF2 action movie, since you can later on see the battle
    for yourself on a demo that the server recorded which you can download and see the
    whole battlefield again from every angle you want and at which speed you want it.
    thats very handy to start with.

    I'm using FRAPS to record it myself, Virtualdub for cutting the videos and TMPGEnc
    for compression, which uses the divX 5.01 codec from nimo codec pack 5 build 7.

    lots of info :rolleyes: .

    Thanks anyway :wave:
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