Video Gaming Problem

By BigChooch
Nov 25, 2003
  1. So I am having a problem with my computer games, after about a minute of playing the game freezes with sound. My current specs are as

    Windows Xp
    AMD Athlon XP 2200
    768 MB of Ram
    DirectX 9.0b
    GeForce FX 5200 Ultra
    Temp running at about 44 degrees C

    I have also updated my windows, directx and also video drivers. and nothing seems to be working. Please reply if you have any ideas cause I am all out of them. :mad:
  2. vassil3427

    vassil3427 TS Rookie Posts: 640

    Did this problem just start(Where you able to play before but not now)? Or is this a freshly assembled pc?
  3. BigChooch

    BigChooch TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I just started to get this problem. I never had a problem playing games before on this computer.
  4. vassil3427

    vassil3427 TS Rookie Posts: 640

    Is there anything specific you can remember doing? Such as updating a certain driver? Changing a certain setting?
    Your problem may be with your video driver, install the one from from the cd you got with the card.
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