Video/sound Sharing same IRQ/how to change

By smoknbonz
Jun 9, 2003
  1. is there anyway to change it so my video card has it's own irq.
    i play alot of games and it seems when i have intense use of video&sound in a game i get mad FPS hits
    below is my irq settings
    irq-0=sys timer
    5=SiS 900 eternet adapter
    6=standard floppy disk controller
    8=sys CMOS/real time clock
    9=MS ACPI
    10=Nvidia GF2 mx400
    10=CMI8738/C3DX PCI audio device
    11=SYS 7001 PCI to USB Hub Control
    11=SYS 7001 PCI to USB Hub Control
    12=ps/2 mouse
    13=Numeric data processor
    14=PRI IDE controller
    15=Sec IDE controller

    System Specs Amptron K7-810LMR motherboard with a T-Bird 1000mhz
    GeForce 2 mx400
    1024 133mhz memory
    generic digi 5.1 sound card
    2-Hard drives
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    You can turn off assigning IRQ to VGA in your system BIOS, most sytems are OK with this. Unless you use USB devices, you can disable USB and other useless peripherals in BIOS too (legacy ports, etc).

    The performane hit is most likely because of the poor quality of your sound card, not the IRQ sharing.
  3. smoknbonz

    smoknbonz TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks i've tried almost all of that,now i just might take it out and try the onboard sound card but with my luck it wont change anything...thanks for your input....
  4. alphnumeric

    alphnumeric TS Rookie Posts: 173

    Try moving the sound card to a different PCI slot, this should change it's IRQ. What os are you using? If 9X you could try setting it manually in device manager or in the plug and play section of your BIOS.
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