Virtual Reality Buying Guide: Which Headset is Right for You?


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I have the PS4 v1 - my son uses it - Like someone else said a big hope V2 is a game changer - my complaint with V1 is FOV is way too limited - then adjusting it to yourself , resolution, then wired - audio airplugs we don't use them - dangly and poor solution .
As for PC - I'll wait next generation - as when we get the PS5 V2 +PSVR2 - it will sustain us till a lot of negatives above disappear + plus at 2 more gens of GPUs and importantly wireless tech , input tech etc - I do not want to suffer - and I'm not paying $1000 all up to still get compromises .
Plus we should excellent automatic adjustment headsets for focus - whether you use glasses , head size etc , or al least easy to dial in - maybe diopter adjustment for no glasses - or focal point correction for reading distance - ie the screen should be very 3D and lifelike . Maybe these others are addressing a lot of this - but still compromises - I do not wear glasses - but got to that age where I've lost close vision -so want the VR to put everything at least 50cm away except for blurred fast objects thrown at me - this will reduce eye strain a lot of people get.


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IF I were going to get a VR headset at this time, it would NOT be anything from Facebook. I really don't need to have everything I play scrutinized or approved by Zuck, thankyouverymuch.

I have contemplated getting a VR headset for a while now, and find that Valve's offerings are probably the best overall options on the market at this point, albeit overly pricey. HP's current offerings seem to be 'adequate', but... The biggest issue for me is there is no way I can get a 'pre-trial' test. Just can't walk into a store and do a comparison. (I am in New Zealand) How do I know that my eyes are compatible? How do I know whether or no it fits my head? This is a rather expensive item to ave buyer's remorse over and it is not like a GPU, where you can judge the product by the specs. It is more like a keyboard, where it is all touchy-feely.Sucks to unbox a keyboard and find out it is a klunker, but it didn't break the bank and might be returnable. A VR headset? The returnability is doubtful.

First one to come with a 30 day no questions money back guarantee will get my money, maybe.