Virus attack to task manager, folder option and regedit

By srvijayam
Aug 19, 2008
  1. hi i'm using windows xp and vista windows xp virus are main problem me. some viruses attack the task manager, folder option and regedit at the same time. so we can't see the folder option in tools menu and control panel. also we can't open task manager. it will not appear even if we press Ctrl+Alt+delete. if we pressed it will say administrator has blocked the task manager. task manager name which is in the task bar it will be not active. and we can't open regedit. if we open it it says also administer has blocked the regedit. and we can't open CMD also. some time we can't install any programe. this time we can delete the virus( if you use kaspersky or AVG). but i couldn't open task manager, folder option, regedit and other option. so if i deleted the virus then how can show the folder option in tools menu and control panel. how can open task manager?how can open regedit. i think virus rewrite something in those execute files. therefor we couldn't open it. is there any solution for this problem i can say viruses name like this.

    and there are some other virus. but i can remove other virus without a anti-virus software. sometime we can see the folder option in the menu option. but we can't chenge show hidden option in view tab. if we change it won't change. this time if we use anti-virus software it will delete that software, but still we couldn't change show hidden option. for this problem we can solve it. we can change it with regedit option.
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