Virus deactivated my Vista

By D@nny
Jul 29, 2009
  1. Hi i havent posted here in a long time, its always been a great help in the past but most of my problems ive been able to fix on my own now.
    Well let met just say yesterday i was browsing sites with woman of questionable character when i ventured to far from my safe zone and its safe to say i sure got infected. Well not so bad i had delt with this crap before like pc security 2009 but this one was a bit different in that immediately after the fake scan started I closed it with task manager and was going to start running combofix when I got this bsod. I went to reboot today after letting it automatically do this loooong windows repairing cd bullshit before bed. just so there is no confusion i dont actually know where my windows vista repair cds are and even if i found the ones i made i dont want to do anything that will destroy the stuff on my c drive until i know 100 percent its lost ) So after coming back from a days work I turn it on glad that the "repair" is done and find my vista activation has been invalidated. error 0x80070426 . All accounts. So I restart and disable the restart after windows crash and the computer reboots (wouldnt have done that if i had known that) and I get this bsod before log in that says something about knowdll has failed. Am I screwed or can I still recover my data and fix this problem?

    will i have to pull out all the custom hardware i installed on my computer to get vista to recognize me? i cant even click on the more options link on the activation page. how do they expect users to activate when i can't even access any sort of workable gui whatsoever
  2. D@nny

    D@nny TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 176

    im doing a windows memory diagnostic check now (does this mean my vista is still activated since its letting me proceed with it?)
    and afterwards will try booting in safemode if that doesnt fix my activation error
    i didnt check safemode yet i figured if windows vista is deactivated it wouldnt do me any good :(
    this is ridiculous somehow they managed to make not even the help hyperlink in the error screen to fail
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