Virus deleted restore

By lama2
Feb 6, 2009
  1. I had a problem earlier which I thought I fixed with "spybot" and "malwarebytes". It, or someting similar is BACK! It creates a 'shield with an exclamation mark inside' icon at the bottom right of my screen that said I needed to install some software or updates or my hard drive will be wiped out or crash or something horrific. Now it's back, I can't view images on websites. It will not allow me to view any image on any website unless I right-clicked and selected "Show Picture". Also I can't find my restore-it file. I keep getting application errors pop-ups. Please help me get rid of this thing and what can I get to stop this from happening again. Oh, also, i ran spybot and malwarebytes, shut down the computer, but on reboot, it would ask to change registry entries, which i thought was spybot, but it must have been the virus, because the problems came right back. thanks. laura

    It's me with just an addendum to problem. I did do a system restore, but the evil icons came back to lower right corner, with pop-ups telling me that I have a self-restoring trojan that will crash my hard drive if I don't download some software. Also pop-ups asking me to allow changes to home page and registry. I do have my images back, tho. laura
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