Virus + Network Problems

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Oct 13, 2003
  1. Rick

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    csrss.exe has something to do with DirectX. You should NOT delete this. I have not seen nimda exploit this process.

    If you deleted it in safemode, Windows XP probably restored the file when you restarted in normal mode when it found it was missing.

    If you do have nimda, symantec has a free utility to remove many different variants. Their nimda removal tool will automatically close ALL processes related to nimda and allow disinfenction while in normal mode.
  2. ---agissi---

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    ^Didou^ - I do enter the correct password and it just doesnt connect as if I enter the wrong password.

    Rick - I used the tool you mentioned and its what started this problem in the first place. I know its not the csrss file, because I only deleted it on one computer and neither comps can connect to each other or a laptop on the LAN. (I had ran that utility on both computers).
  3. Didou

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    Like I said earlier, does the user Buck-Bumble exist on the machine to which you're trying to connect ?
  4. ---agissi---

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    yes ofcourse, and I have a password set for the account, which is what i had been typing in.
  5. NoisySilence

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    What error code do you get when you use that command in the command prompt ?
  6. ---agissi---

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    Aside frome everything else, i tryed from the laptop to the desktop and it came up with error code 67 - The network name cannot be found.

    So what would be my next step Didou? (btw thanks so much I really appreciate all your help!)
  7. crazykid99

    crazykid99 TS Rookie Posts: 50

    virus problems

    I just fixed my computer with my computer reboot disk. Everything was running fine until I downloaded and instaleld some instant messengers. I downloaded Zango and Meca Messenger. My MSn Messenger is safe though. I scanned my computer with Norton AntiVirus 2004, AdAware Se Personal, Spy-Bot Search and Destroy, and Spy Sweeper, all the scans were succesful. Although I do have questions. Spybot keeps finding the same eror on my computer. It has five entries and its called DSO Exploit. I dont know if its DSO or DSN but its D something and it ends with exploit. What is this error thing called? How do you get rid of it? Another thing, Norton 2004 scanned my computer and Iit found like 14 viruses. I deleted them but it said "delete failed". How do I delete the viruses permanently? I even scanned my computer in Safe Mode w/Networking. Please Help me. I think its because of my 2 messengers. By the way I have Microsoft Windows XP/emachines/Dell. Athlon XP 2800+ processor.
  8. crazykid99

    crazykid99 TS Rookie Posts: 50

    virus and adware problems

    I'm still Crazykid99. One more thing. I have Ad-Aware SE Personal. I update my definitons a lot. I run full system scan and the other scans too: ADS scan and Smart System scan. What is ADS anyway? ANyway, i scanned my computer and deleted all the problems I got as results of the scan. With all the problems deleted I thought that all the Adaware was gone. I scanned with norton antivirus 2004 and i got like 14 viruses! All Adware. How do i delete all the adware from my computer?
  9. ---agissi---

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    hey buddy, Im glad you came to TechSpot to solve your problem.

    THere is one set back right now, and that is your a little confused.

    I did make a Virus and Networking thread, and you replied to it with your problem. The thread is about my problem (not saying this in a rude mannor).

    All it means is, you need to create your own thread!! :grinthumb That also explains why people havnt been posting replies on how to fix your computer. So dont hit the reply button, press the New Thread button, and copy/paste your orgional post and edit into the new thread, and be sure to put a decent title on there, not "HELP!".

    Then many more people will see the new thread with a new member needing help, and we'll try to get you some help :)
  10. crazykid99

    crazykid99 TS Rookie Posts: 50


    ok i'll try that

    go look at my new thread under my name
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