Vista booting problem & this message

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When I turn on my computer, I keep get this message.

Booting 'Windows Vista'

Vista Loader 2.1.2

fallback 1
find --set-root /bootmgr
Filesystem type is ntfs, partition type 0x7
chainloader /bootmgr
Will boot NTLDR from drive=0x80, partition=0x0(hidden sectors=0x800)

It will not boot past this message, I have to keep turning it off and back on until I finally get a page that gives me a choice of safe mode, normal mode, etc. then it will boot up and run normal.

How can I fix this? I'm running Vista Pro.
Any help would be appreciated


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To Repair Vista
Boot from the Vista disc and choose install
At the bottom left of the screen you will see a Repair option
This will repair the master boot record

You may want to backup first, just in case it's a faulty HardDrive, and this was the last thing that it does.


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Again thanks for your help and input.
After many tries of recycling on and off I can get it to boot up ,but not normally.It will come up with the do you want to boot in safe mode or normal screen.

I find what ever I do it's not consistent.Sometime going into the bios and hit F-10 like I'm saving changes will allow me to boot up but not always.Like I said it may take 30 minutes to hit it just right to get it to boot in some fashion.

At first it when this started to give me problems about a month ago it would take maybe a couple of tries and then it would boot normal. With each time I try to boot it takes more tries.

For what it's worth I even have a hard time getting the bios curser to move .I can always get into the bios ,I just can't do anything once I get in,and have to reboot.At first I thought the keyboard wasn't working ,but I can always hit Ctrl Alt Delete and that works. I still think it's possessed. Any other thoughts?
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