Vista Business vs. Vista Home Premium

By Route44
May 18, 2007
  1. I did read the above sticky concerning Vista but I couldn't find what I was looking for, so...

    I have been researching heavily for a college laptop for my daughter and I came across a Thinkpad Z61m at a great deal (Thinkpads are so much stronger build wise) but it runs Vista Business. Now this laptop is for library research, homework, papers, internet surfing/research, emailing, and MS Office work. No gaming really because she isn't into gaming. The thing is I have been told that Vista Business does not have the codecs for media work like video editing, pictures, and WMP unlike the Home Premium that comes with a Media Center. My questions are (and please excuse my ignorance):

    1. Can I download/install software that will allow the addition of media works to Vista Business and if so what do you recommend?

    2. Will Vista Business be fine for what I want this laptop to do?

    3. What advantages does Home Premium have, if any, over Business?

    4. Will Office 2003 be compatible?

    5. Any other concerns I should be aware of?

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    You won't find the build quality in the Thinkpad Z61M. And you will not find the OS configuration your college student needs. Suggest you consider the T-43 or T-60 with VISTA Ultimate or Windows XP Professional. These are perfect, long lasting laptops, and there is no reason you need VISTA. I own one of each, as well as an X41 and a T-41. She will be happy with any of these.
    They are the most rugged, reliable units you can get, and they will do the Media. Despite the expense, she will still have her Lenovo working well, when she leaves graduate school.
    Be sure to get the extra memory, or upgrade the memory from such site as,, or other site that offers good memory at reasonable prices.
    You will also need to add something like Nero, and Power DVD, as well as her desires for media and music.
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