Vista/Network question

By clueless78
Jan 27, 2008
  1. I just bought a Toshiba A200 laptop with Vista Home Premium. When i first booted up it asked what network type I will be using. The three options were Home, Public, and Workplace. I was at home so i choose home. But now i'm on the road and at a hotel room. I am using a similar conncetion as i was at home (high speed with ethernet cable plugged into the wall jack)... Again, Vista asked me what network i would be using, and i wasn't sure so i picked home, and everything seems to work fine but then i realized other computers could see my computer on the network. So basically what i'm asking is, should i have choosen Public network instead of home? Does it really make that big of a difference (security wise) ?

    Thanks for any replies/advice.
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