Vizio reveals Android-based smartphone and tablet


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Vizio has already made a name for itself in the HDTV market by offering high-end features at reasonable price points. Now the company is making the jump into the smartphone and tablet markets, and hopes to bring the same philosophy to these segments by tapping Google’s increasingly popular Android platform. Known as the Via Tablet and Via Phone, both devices will be showcased at CES sporting 1GHz processors, front and back cameras while likely running Honeycomb.

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Ok Vizio, we hear you talking the talk, now let's see if you can walk the walk. $300 3D tv, affordable tablet with front and back camera...I like where this is going.


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Looks ok. But the UI looks even worse than motoblur from those pics. Though granted it probably isn't finished they still should keep the stock android UI.


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I had a few Vizio HDTVs when they first came out. It's a good budget TV that gets the job done.

It'd be interesting to see them tackle other markets. It's like they're the AMD of the consumer electronics world.