Voodoo3 2000 VS nVidia TNT2 M64

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At the moment I have in my machine a Voodoo3 2000 PCI. I havejust received off a friend a nVidia Riva TNT2 M64.

Which one is better for 3d gaming?

also if anyone knows how much memory does this card hold??

Thanks :)


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You'll get a lil' more speed out of the TnT2 for gaming, but the V3 is still viable w/ good color saturation, reasonable frame rate, & decent drivers.
Try it & see what you think.


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Decent drivers? :confused: 3dfx is out of business, and there's only 3rd party drivers available, which aren't the best. Decent, maybe, but still...


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Voodoo Rulez

Original3dfx Drivers for your 3dfx Video Cards... http://www.voodoofiles.com/

They're still 3Dfx Official developed drivers, along w/ 3rd Party Drivers.
IMHO, stability is a reputation Voodoo drivers have earned, & far more stable apparently than ati & nvidia.


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I'm looking for a VooDoo pci card myself. I have a lot of apps that still work only in Glide & I must say that 3dfx drivers always worked great.

Ai Hate

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Originally posted by Vehementi
Do you know how old the M64 is?
umm.. i think it's about... 3 yrs. (the rig back home uses a TNT2 Vanta, and it's about 3 yrs. the M64 should be a wee bit older than that...)

Ok, I'm sticking to the Voodoo3 that TNT2 is dodgy!! The D3D woz gash and the opengl woz real dodgy. The Voodoo3 feels alot better with the Glide and I know I can rely upon it.

Thanks everyone.


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The only reason I would recommend keeping the V3 in is for the GLide which will practically save your computer in games such as Unreal Tourament.

The TNT really isn't *much* faster. From what I remember, they were fairly neck and neck in performance. The TNT would have much better driver support though, or at least I would assume. Nothing but V3 troubles here.
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