Warner delays Batman: Arkham Knight DLC on PC until the game is fixed

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Jul 13, 2015
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  1. Batman: Arkham Knight publisher Warner Brothers has issued a statement apologizing for the game’s numerous problems on the PC. The company says that as fixing the computer version of the game is a top priority right now, all downloadable content for the platform will be put on hold.

    The decision to delay the first Arkham Knight DLC on the PC has not come as a surprise, especially as the game is not being sold on the platform at the moment; it shipped with so many performance issues on the PC, Warner Brothers was forced to pull the game from sale. It was also reported that the company knew of Arkham Knight’s technical issues months before its launch, but chose to ignore them in order to focus on improving the console version.

    Warner Brothers states that because of the problematic Arkham Knight PC launch it is modifying its internal review process for all games.

    We are taking full responsibility for releasing a product that did not meet our quality standards, which is why we suspended sales of the game as soon as we understood the issues. The Batman: Arkham Knight fans are extremely important to us and our highest priority is ensuring PC users get the full, high quality experience of Batman: Arkham Knight they deserve. [...] We can also assure you that because of this latest launch, we are modifying the internal review process for all of our games. For those who are waiting for the updated version of the game on PC, please know that we are working on this every day. For the players who are continuing to play Batman: Arkham Knight on PC, fixes are continually being made to the game as we await the final updated version.

    The first DLC pack for Batman: Arkham Knight will be released for the Xbox One and PS4 on Tuesday, July 14. The Batgirl: A Matter of Family expansion is set prior to the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum and features a playable Batgirl character.

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  2. psycros

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    We can only hope that this debacle serves as a wake-up call to the industry. In an age where PC drivers have become pretty darn stable, the hardware isn't being upgraded as often and 90% of the code can usually be ported there's really no reason for this kind of mess.
  3. But when cutting costs and deadlines are involved, anything can happen unfortunately
  4. Lionvibez

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    Hello Warner.

    This doesn't require a statement.

    Its mandatory for you to fix a broken game before trying to sell DLC.

    Time to take some accountability for your actions or should I say lack of action.
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  5. Companies should show more tlc when making a pc game/port. the pc is the true caviar of gaming. you pay a a little or a bit more......but the product ends up paying for itself for years unlike an xbox or playstation. companies should realize that a solid reputation and reliability will most likely earn you the most money and of course......trust. companies also need to start releasing demos for their pc games like they used to, allowing us to play a chapter or 2 then we can decide to buy. why in gods name did that method of sales just disappear?
  6. Adhmuz

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    Wasn't the same thing said the last time a AAA title was released full of bugs, Battlefield comes to mind. This is sadly the new industry standard for PC releases. No point in looking forward to any releases until 3 months after launch, and even then it's werky water.

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