Watch live: Samsung reveals Galaxy S7 family at Unpacked event in Barcelona

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A rash of leaks have seemingly left little for Samsung to unveil at its Unpacked event just ahead of Mobile World Congress 2016. Nevertheless, we've embedded the live feed from the event above for those who couldn't make it out to Barcelona in person.

If you've got a virtual reality headset, you can also take the event in by grabbing the Unpacked 360 View app from the Oculus Store, Google Play or the App Store. From the looks of things, those attending the live event will also be participating in the virtual reality activities.

TechSpot has a team on the ground to bring you first-hand photos of the action as it unfolds so kick back and stick around!

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No more weird Korean accent on stage prime-time? That's progress for Samsung, for the CEO to accept that his English sucks, and make no appearance this time.
Look at the pixels, theirs sucks, ours are cool. And so you know, cool is better than sucks...
That does it...

Take him to a clear field, stand eyes to the wall, and shoot in the forehead...
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The all new Galaxy phone is finally here!

Let's just hope to Christ it stays...


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Yawn. Oh look a phone. That's new. Or not.

Some of the tech included is a nice addition such as the dual sensor for the camera and the improve cooling (which oh my god, the S4 is a ticking heat bomb).

I have the S4 and seriously thinking of getting the S7 Edge however not sure whether to go for a flagship or something like the Nexus and safe few hundred $_$ in my wallet.

Choices... General consumers such as my self who barely even game on these devices should probably stay away from flagships unless wallet is heavy with spare change.



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Oh and the presentation was pretty neat. I love how they asked the audience to put on the glasses, "f* all" happened and asked them to put it down... so much effort >.>

VR/AR is really getting pushed right now and outside of gaming it has SO MANY applications in the real world.