It’s always difficult to keep an upcoming device under wraps before it’s officially unveiled to the world, especially with the number of leaks that appear on the web. Samsung knows this; its upcoming Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge won’t be revealed until Sunday at Mobile World Congress, yet numerous images and specs have already appeared online. But it seems that the latest details regarding the S7 range come from an unlikely source – Samsung’s Indonesian arm – which has posted an unlisted commercial on its YouTube channel, marked #TheNextGalaxy, showing off the device.

While this could be a mistake on Samsung Indonesia’s part, it may also be an intentional plan to increase the hype surrounding the smartphone. There is always chance that the company genuinely didn’t want the ad to go public until next week - so it may get taken down soon.

In the ad, which shows Indonesian archer Dellie Threesyadinda training while using the new device, we get to see a few features of the S7 and S7 Edge.

While the video doesn’t say what model is used, it’s obviously the curved screen Edge version. As rumors suggested, the design is almost identical to last year’s S6. Threesyadinda is seen using the smartphone in the rain, apparently confirming that the device will be waterproof.

We also see the smartphone being used with a wireless charging pad. And the back appears flat, so it looks as if Samsung really has got rid of the S6’s unsightly camera bump.

An Indonesian teaser website confirmed the name Galaxy S7, though this has since been removed. But it still provides more hints regarding the smartphone’s features, including extra security, better photos when taken in low-light conditions, and more evidence that the S7 is waterproof.

Samsung will almost certainly be revealing the S7 at its Unpacked event at MWC this Sunday. We don’t know when it might be officially launched, but rumors say Galaxy fans should mark March 11 in their diaries.