Water Damage iPhone

HI, I just wanted to contact you regarding my iPhone 6s that I have reason to believe that it has been water damaged. The phone is obviously way out of warranty and has had a cracked screen before and multiple screen replacements. At the time the phone was actually damaged it had a cracked screen and was probably submerged for little over a second. It had a case on at the time but just a silicone apple case so not much in the way of protection and it was removed as soon as I realised the phone was wet (about two minutes after the water) I was unable to put it in rice straight away which is what I would probably have liked to have done however my car had a leaking issue o had these moisture deterrent bags in which I thought might do the same job so I put the phone in one of those until I got home. When I got home I left the phone in a bag of rice for roughly 24 hours and when I took it out to check I plugged it in and it started much to my surprise but then it has been in a loop ever since between restarting, starting up, displaying 2% on the battery and the restarting again. Would you be able to recommend I do anything in particular that could possibly aid me in getting this fixed? As I stated earlier the phone is way out of warranty so if there are any weird and wonderful ways that I could try then they would be appreciated recommendations too. I am getting the new iPhone SE at the end of June however it would be ideal if I could hang on to my 6s for a little longer just to get me through the next 30 days. Thank you in advance. Will